Microsoft Business Contact Number: 0800 032 6417

Contact Microsoft on their freephone business enquiries telephone number 0800 032 6417 if you require technical support as the admin for Microsoft Office 365 in your workplace.


About Microsoft

Microsoft is an multinational technology company that develops software and personal computers to millions of customers around the globe. Microsoft is currently the world’s largest computing company by total revenue but is arguably best known for its software products such as the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Office 365 suite that are available on to UK businesses on a corporate scale.


Microsoft Office Support for Admins – 0800 032 6417

Contact Microsoft Office by calling their freephone Office Admins telephone number 0800 032 6417 for free technical support if you are calling on behalf of a company that uses the 365 Office Business suite. For instance, if you are a registered admin for Office 365 then you can discuss any of the facilities available included in your monthly 365 subscription whether your company has a standard or Premium account. Businesses should contact Microsoft to report any technical issues with their desktop or app versions of the Office 365 suite whether they are having difficulty with Word or Outlook. Alternatively, if you are unable to log into your Microsoft Cloud account then you should get in touch so that a representative can help you access any files that would otherwise be lost. Moreover, if you are having server issues then the Microsoft representative can help you access any web versions of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint over the phone.

If you are a member of the premium Office service then you may wish to discuss how to create a custom email domain address for any number of employees working in your business. Customers can also enquire how to set up Skype for Business so that their company can host unlimited online and video conferencing meetings for up to 250 people.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Microsoft Office Support for Admins uses a freephone 0800 contact number as all customers are guaranteed access to free telephone support. Furthermore, the Microsoft Office helpline is available to contacted at any time as the line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Write to Microsoft UK

If you would like to register a formal complaint following your experience with the Microsoft Office 365 Business service then you should write to the company’s UK Head Office on the following address: Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, RG6 1WG, United Kingdom.